Yer Tutucu

They guide the permanent teeth that will replace the placeholder milk teeth. As a result of the premature loss of milk teeth due to caries or trauma, the adjacent teeth slide into that area and thus loss of space occurs. And as a result, it can cause the following problems;

  • orthodontic problems
  • Impairment of chewing function
  • disruption of diction
  • Acquiring bad habits such as pushing the tooth cavity with the tongue
  • More space loss if the space is not preserved where there is loss of deciduous teeth
  • Crowding in permanent teeth
  • Impacted permanent teeth
  • Closure of teeth
  • Problems in tissues as a result of teeth falling out
  • Teeth tend to decay because crooked and crooked teeth are difficult to clean


It is a removable or fixed appliance that is used to replace the prematurely lost milk teeth until permanent teeth erupt. Placeholders are very important to prevent possible future tooth alignment disorders.

Fixed or mobile placeholders are applied according to the number and localization of prematurely lost teeth.

Tek veya çift taraflı diş eksikliklerinde uygulanır. Dişlere özel yapıştırıcılar aracılığıyla yapıştırılır. Yalnız diş hekimi tarafından çıkarılabilir.
It is applied in more than one single or double sided deficiencies. It can be put on and taken off by the patient.
  • It should not be pushed by finger or tongue.
  • It should be cleaned and brushed regularly.
  • The fixed placeholder is only removed by physicians.
  • Movable placeholders should be worn at all times, except when eating, for proper treatment.
  • The controls every 6 months should not be interrupted.
  • In cases where the placeholder is broken or removed, a new one should be made or glued back into place.
  • If the movable placeholder is attached, it should be removed while eating, kept in its box so that it is not lost or broken, and should be brushed and reattached after the meal.

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