It is a porcelain dental treatment performed by thinning only the anterior surfaces of the teeth by 0.3 – 0.7 mm without cutting, and used with the aim of changing the color, form and position of the anterior teeth with the special bonding technique of the healthy tooth tissue.

They are finely developed porcelain leaf ceramic applications applied to the tooth surface in aesthetic dentistry. There are two types as porcelain or composite lamina treatment.


  • In old fillings with discolored and structured
  • Correction of crooked and crooked teeth with split and deformity
  • In teeth with bad structural form and shape
  • In teeth that cannot get results with whitening
  • It is applied in the restoration of worn or broken teeth.
  • It is resistant to abrasion thanks to its robust, colorfast and durable structure.
  • It is an aesthetic dental treatment that is aimed to be applied without destroying the natural structure of the teeth.
  • The amount removed from the tooth is preferred because it is 0.3-0.7 mm.
  • Due to the porcelain coating, the level of staining is low.
  • Discoloration in uses that cause discoloration of the teeth (coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.)
  • intended not to happen.
  • It is a significant aesthetic dental treatment with a small intervention.

Porcelain laminate dental treatment is a method that can be applied to almost everyone. Porcelain lamina treatment is recommended to be completed in 2-3 sessions within 1 week if the patient does not have gingival problems.

  • Regular and correct brushing
  • Regular and correct flossing and mouthwash
  • Regular dental check-up
  • For hard foods with front teeth, plucking should not be done.
  • If there is a habit of clenching or grinding teeth, treatment with a dentist should be applied.

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