Zirconium tooth; It is made of ceramic or porcelain coating. It is an ideal type of dental treatment for patients who are bright, white in color, resistant to heat and allergic to metal. The reason why zirconium tooth coating is preferred is that thanks to its light transmittance, the matte appearance disappears, providing a more natural and more aesthetic appearance.

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic dentistry is “smile design”. It is an application that ensures that the patient’s demands and needs are met by performing dental and gingival treatments that disrupt the aesthetic appearance for certain reasons. Smile design is performed by applying one or more aesthetic dental procedures together.

Smile aesthetics is a completely personalized treatment process. The patient who wants a smile design first performs a dental examination. The purpose of the first smile aesthetic examination; the patient’s request directly to the physician, the physician’s needs and roadmap in line with these demands, the patient’s approval of the smile design, expressing the points that he does not approve, and correcting these points by changing them as desired. If it is necessary to stage the smile aesthetics;

  • Detailed analysis of the patient’s mouth, gender, age and facial structure and digital measurement of the teeth with a 3D intraoral scanner
  • The design planning phase, in which the patient’s expectations, personality and physiological characteristics are taken into account
  • The patient is photographed from different angles by the dentist. Simulating digital smile design with video, photograph and 3D modeling technologies
  • Presenting a preview of the digital smile design prepared entirely in digital environment to the patient by evaluating the compatibility of the patient with the face.
  • Deciding which applications will be carried out and proceeding to the implementation phases


Zirconium  /  Porcelain Veneers:  These are treatments applied to eliminate shape and color defects in the tooth structure, crowding in the teeth or tooth deficiencies.

Gingivectomy / Pink Aesthetics:  It is the regulation of gingival levels / gingival aesthetic treatments.

Implant:  It is the treatment applied in the treatment of missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening:  It is a whitening treatment applied to patients whose tooth color is congenitally dark or whose tooth color has turned yellow for various reasons.

Composite Filling:  It is the treatment applied to the teeth that are damaged due to reasons such as caries, trauma, genetics and environmental factors.

Orthodontic:  It is a wire or non-wire plate application for crooked and gaping teeth.

  • Those who have disproportion between teeth and gums
  • Those who have discrete or crooked teeth
  • Those who have congenital or subsequent discoloration or staining on their teeth
  • Those who have irregularity in the length of their teeth, poor appearance
  • Those who have problems with the appearance of the gums
  • Those with missing teeth
  • Covers missing tooth or missing tooth treatment
  • Meets the treatment of gum problems or disorders
  • Meets the color and staining treatment that occurs on the teeth
  • Meets the treatment of split or crooked teeth
  • Eliminates the psychological perception that prevents smiling
  • Provides a healthy and aesthetic oral care

Smile aesthetics (digital smile design) is applied in an average of 3 sessions. Treatment is usually carried out with multidisciplinary approaches by planning orthodontic, surgical, prosthetic and gingival applications alone or together.

Smile aesthetic treatment; lip and gingival level, the length of the teeth, the alignment, the color and in general, the harmony of the lips and teeth is done with the aim of creating a beautiful smile.

Those who have a smile design should pay great attention to oral hygiene after the treatment and should not neglect their routine controls. The life of the smile design may vary depending on the application, but with regular and good oral care, you can use your smile design for up to 10 years.

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