Diş Eti Estetiği

It is a treatment method for those who have problems with their gums. Gum aesthetics  is a treatment option in case of problems such as asymmetrical disorders in the gums, recessions, different colors of the gums, dense and tooth closure  .

Problems in the gums can cause problems in the health of the person, as well as cause some negativities in his social life. For this reason,  gingival aesthetics   is one of the most preferred treatment methods recently.

Before the application is made, a specialist dentist must examine, examine and decide on the treatment method to be applied.


Gum aesthetics  is performed according to the problem that the person has experienced. The specialist doctor applies the treatment method that is suitable for the person’s mouth structure and problem. Since it is usually performed under local anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain or ache. In this case, it allows people  to have gingivoplasty  easily .

Application can be done with laser. Thanks to a laser procedure that takes 15 minutes,   the procedure can be performed without bleeding.

The laser method is often preferred because it provides a quicker aesthetic appearance and is an easy method. In addition, this application can be made to every individual. Anyone who has this problem can be treated by consulting a specialist dentist.

Those who have aesthetic problems in their teeth  will gain many advantages if they have  gingival aesthetics  in response to their gingival problems.  With gingival aesthetic treatment;

  • Bleeding and injuries in the gums are eliminated
  • Gum tissues are made healthier so that the person’s sensitivity is eliminated
  • As aesthetic concerns decrease, the person can continue to communicate confidently in the social environment.
  • The teeth are lined up as they should be, and there is no skewness.
  • Most importantly, conditions such as gingivitis do not occur.

The most important advantage of this treatment method is that it provides rapid recovery. The person who has the application can easily return to his old life within 10-14 days. Sensitivity is reduced.

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