Kemik Tozu/Grefti Uygulamaları

Bone grafting, in other words, jaw bone powder application, is the compensation of bone deficiency with grafting in case of bone loss and insufficiency. Natural teeth are arranged in the jawbone in the mouth. When a tooth is lost for any reason, the root-bearing part of the jawbone weakens over time because it is not used. This weakening can be compared to the weakening of an unused muscle over time. Bone grafting method is applied to prevent this thinning of the bone, which mostly occurs during the decision phase of implant application and causes problems.

The most preferred method in dentistry is autogenous bone grafting. The tissues to be taken from the healthy neighboring areas of the patient, especially in the mouth, are taken and transferred to the area to be treated. This method, which does not cause any reaction because it is the patient’s own tissue, has a lower cost compared to other methods and has a shorter recovery time.

Autogenous bone graft is needed to achieve sufficient height and density in implant application, as well as in the treatment of cysts in the jawbone and inadequacy of bone density in total prosthesis applications.


Bone grafts (bone powder) are materials used to correct bone deficiencies caused by surgical procedures, infections or peridodental diseases. Not every bone deficiency can be corrected by using bone powder, the condition of the bone-deficient area determines this. Advanced surgical techniques may be required to eliminate advanced bone loss.

Autogenous bone graft operation is usually performed under local anesthesia. In some cases, which will be determined by the patient’s condition, it can also be applied in the hospital with sedation or general anesthesia. In particular, the chronic diseases of the patient and the size of the area to be grafted also determine the type of operation. In cases where grafting is required in a small area, implant application can be performed on the same day.

Necessary conditions will be provided by your doctor to avoid pain during the operation. Afterwards, a certain swelling caused by the application to the jawbone is observed, this is normal. It is possible to prevent the pain that may occur by using the medications that your doctor will recommend regularly.

During the healing process, it is important to pay attention to the hygiene and nutrition of both tissue and grafting areas. Very hot or hard foods should not be consumed during this process. Since there will be small wounds with stitches in your mouth, taking care of cleaning will speed up the healing process.

After autogenous bone graft operations, complete fusion is achieved after an average of 3 months (may vary depending on the patient and the amount of grafting). Implant treatment of the patient who has reached sufficient bone density can be started during this period.

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